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Empowering urban ports and surrounding businesses with sustainability leadership

Urban port operations and their surrounding businesses are now leading the way in how they manage, forecast, and act on environmental data. By embracing sustainable leadership, ports are now minimising their impact on surrounding communities whilst simultaneously maximising profitability. Join Marinma Dorado to learn how your port operation can do the same.

In this free webinar you will find out how to:

  • Pinpoint air quality issues faster than ever before (eg. NOx, SOx, VOCs, dust and odour).
  • Avoid community incidents with 72 hour air quality risk forecasts.
  • Instantly respond to complaints and enhance your port operation’s reputation for sustainable leadership in the surrounding community.

About the author

Marinma Dorado

Senior Account Executive - Americas

Marinma Dorado has 18 years experience in international business development for the energy sector. She specialises in emerging markets and innovative software technologies. She also has first-hand experience managing her own consulting company.

Marinma is passionate about Envirosuite's benefits to urban ports. She believes Envirosuite will empower urban ports and surrounding businesses to become more profitable while simultaneously benefiting surrounding communities.